Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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ProPhotoDude wrote:

The plan is to offer FF in as small and light bodies as possible and to develop brand new FF lenses to also be as light and compact as possible.

When Panasonic (or anyone) can figure out how to make a fast, high quality, lens which can cover a focal plane with the area of a FF sensor, and not weigh close to what current FF lenses do, let me know. Until then compact full frame cameras will be either way heavier (and front-heavy) than m4/3, or stuck with lenses so much slower (minimal lens diameter and weight from smaller apertures) or optically inferior (smaller/lighter via fewer lens elements) than m4/3 that any IQ advantages gained through utilizing a larger FF sensor will be essentially negated.

Another factor is how good of imaging quality is really needed to for the vast majority of potential consumers. I'm right now in the process of printing some 16x20 photos taken with my OM-D with the P/L 25mm, for an upcoming gallery show in April. They are amazingly sharp even when looking from only a few inches away. Even for professionals, the latest m4/3 (or APS-C) cameras really are quite good enough for most purposes--especially if they can improve their motion focussing capabilities (which is not only possible, but virtually just a matter of time). And if the imaging quality of these mighty-mites isn't quite good enough, then a jump up into standard FF or Hasslblad territory might make a lot more sense for a pro than an FF on a diet with built-in lens related limitations.

Aside from that, as far as rumors go, this was quite a good one.

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