Kim's explanation about the benefits of his EXR settings

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Kim's explanation about the benefits of his EXR settings

In a previous thread Kim explained why his EXR settings are so effective:

"It seems that most people on the forum today forget that DPReview have been known to comment that these Fuji cameras are not really P&S cameras. They require a lot more intervention to get good results than other cameras do.

And at the time (years ago now) we all agreed that it was worth it. I still consider it worthwhile because I like what you can get in RAW from the F series. The HS is no doubt the same.

So if you shoot JPEG, the intervention is up front. You have to look at the light, then choose your file mode (which defines your saturation and overall contrast), your DR mode (which defines how likely highlights are to blw and shadows are to block) and then set compensation to get the best image that meets your vision that you can based on your choices.

My P mode settings are designed to neutralize those issues and push them to post processing time. In Lightroom, if I have not bruised the pixels and I have no blown highlights or blocked shadows, I can get what I want far quicker."

I have found this to be exactly right, with his settings I can adjust jpegs extensively in iPhoto as both shadows and highlights are so well protected. For example I previously posted some shots where I experimented in iPhoto with simply moved both the shadow and highlight sliders to 100% for some jpegs to create instant HDR style images. Now I know why this works so well. 1st up is the HDR image followed by the OOC image.

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