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Re: "even slightly" imply ..

Sergey_Green wrote:

alatchin wrote:

I am always impressed by your singular application of education only for those who "even slightly" imply that a 43rds lens may in any way have some favorable aspect or edge...

I think he has a bit more of a context about what he replies to. You would not call this "slightly imply", would you ?

Nor is it fair to compare 'wide open', as the ZD zooms
handily smoke just about anyone's glass wide open, zoom
or prime. Unless, of course, you do like to put the lens
aperture to full use on occasion...

In human nature, bragging is common. So I would expect to hear a parent gush over their child. I would expect a happy BMW owner to praise his machine above all others, and I am used to seeing overly patriotic souls ignore their countries issues in favour of its achievements. What I dont expect is to be considered impartial when I go to a Dog lovers convention to wax lyrical about the benefits of owning a cat.

I expect the dog lovers to ignore all the faults of their furry friend, and as a normal person I should take enjoyment from their enjoyment, not from bringing it to an end, politely, truthfully, or otherwise.

Which is in my reply


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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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