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viking79 wrote:

Thanks for sharing. I like working with RAW, so I am used to the dull flatness until I apply a preset. As you said, use picture wizard to your taste to get a setting more to your liking for JPEG. I think they could offer more controls with it, but at least they offer some. Also, depending on what you mean by sunlit, the light quality might also be poor washing everything out. I think the JPEG engine does decent at low ISO.

In fact, subsequent tinkering with NX20 settings has pretty much gotten them where I want them.  Last night I attended an evening Cactus League baseball game.  Most of the shots were good enough not to require RAW work.

Currently, I'm wrestling with ISO.  As noted so many times before me, 3200 is a fair limit.  Attempts to push past that yesterday evening didn't gratify.  I tried to treat high ISO noise in RAW; either I missed something, or my software didn't behave, but I preferred the JPEG.

Also, my latest practice session, concentrating on macro shots of flowers with my Vivitar 90:2.5,  led to many poor shots.  Operating hand-held in aperture priority with built-in flash, I noticed extremely slow shutter speeds, which surely explains the majority of the blurry images.  I tried cranking up the ISO, just got washed out pictures.  The latter result puzzles; granting my inexperience with this camera, I naturally expected that to boost the shutter speed, since aperture was fixed.

I plan to use the camera again this next week.  By then I hope to have figured out these matters.  Over all, I'm doing pretty well.  I got a lot of pleasing action shots at the game last night.

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