Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Additional info...

Thanks to all of you with the positive reply. There are some very intelligent replies here.

Before the digital revolution, photography was basically dying. People were buying disposable cameras. Then came the internet, digital cameras and now it's one of the most popular forms of social contact/sharing.

There is no question that cell phone cams will totally drive out the basic digicams. I have several cameras, but the one camera with me always is in my phone that shoots 8mp, and that camera gets the most use, by far. It's the reality of change in consumer habits.

Bridge cams may take longer to disappear. They are cheap and offer so much, but as cell phone cams will get better that market will eventually become even a smaller niche.

Leica has no relevancy, I am sorry to say. Their cameras are so overpriced and sell so few that they have zero impact on anything.

The real players are Canon/Nikon, and then seems to be Sony, and then Pana and Olympus.

The issue with Panasonic is that, the typical consumer (not the enthusiast) doesn't recognize the brand as a camera maker. They do recognize Canon and Nikon of course and they ask for those brands by name.

There is one more factor I should add. Sony is hot on the FF mirrorless. There is a rumor that NEX-9, a full frame mirrorless, is going to be announced next year.

So, in about a year or two, two very important camera technology announcements will happen.

1) Sony will introduce NEX-9, a compact FF with interchangeable lens.
2) Canon and Nikon will announce $1500 range FF DSLRs.

At this point, the standard for dynamic range, IQ, low light shooting in lower prices will be raised and then companies like Panasonic and Olympus need to respond to stay in the game.

Hence the CFF rumor by Pana.

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