Cured my G.A.S. - Cancelled X100S Pre-Order

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Cured my G.A.S. - Cancelled X100S Pre-Order

I've always had a massive case of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I inherited it from my dad, who was an avid photographer and always seemed to have the latest gear on hand. B&H was like his second home. I personally worked my way through the whole Canon DSLR line starting with the incredible D30 back in 2001. I did the same with M4/3rds after I fell for the Panasonic GF1 and sold off my 5DII and "L" lenses.

Sadly, I became very frustrated last year after I bought an OM-D EM-5. This camera leaves nothing to want. It does everything I need and more. Maybe the perfect camera/system. It was the Antacid for my G.A.S. My wallet thanked me, but my gear lust was simmering...

Then I saw some images taken with the Fuji X100 and my G.A.S. suddenly returned. I purchased a Black LE just before Christmas last year and, since then, the OM-D has mostly sat in its bag. The X100 is truly everything I need for 90% of my photography. It has become my daily companion and I've grown to love the 35mm FOV as well as that magical Fuji "look". I'm keeping the OM-D kit for those times when I need a true Macro, or I want to take a portrait with the incredible 75mm/1.8 lens, but the X100 is the one I pick up as I head out the door.

Then, as I knew it would, the X100S was announced. I drooled over the specs and, even though I had only owned the X100 for a few weeks, I immediately put in my pre-order for the S. Surely this was the pinnacle of G.A.S.

As the months have passed, I've been anxiously awaiting word of an X100S shipping date right along with the rest of you, but I've also become very fond of the X100. Over the last few weeks, I've shot some of my favorite images ever. Seeing early X100S images, I started to wonder if they were really any better than the X100... sure, technically they have more pixels, slightly better DR, and the X-Trans promises incredible quality whenever the RAW issues get fully ironed out. AF is faster (though maybe not as fast as some had hoped), and manual focusing is vastly improved. But will it make better IMAGES? I don't think so. It's the same lens, same FOV, same body. The more X100S images I see, the more I feel like the X100 possesses some "magic" that the X100S is missing. Maybe the S is TOO good?? (Like the OM-D)

Last straw - whether you agree or not, I really love the black X100 LE body. I just do. I was "resigned" to the fact that the X100S only comes in silver, which is certainly beautiful but, deep down, I would always wish it were black! (I know. Shallow...)

So I cancelled my pre-order. It was actually a relief! (Release?) I'm psyched to keep shooting with the X100. It does everything I need. I'm super happy with the IQ. I've had NO issues with missed focusing, even in low light. With a Class 10 SD card, the buffer clears in a few seconds and I don't use Manual focus. And now I have $ to spend on something else, or maybe nothing!!

So my G.A.S. is cured for the time being... at least until Fuji releases the "X100S LE".

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