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MikeFromMesa wrote:

mstecker wrote:

I am not sure what the problem is. I am able to login to other internet forums, but not DPR on my Samsung Android 4.1.1 tablet. Is there an email address for support/help from DPR?

I do not know of one.

There are quite a few function where Android does not work yet other operating systems function fine. For instance, I can not hear the sound from my QuickTime videos on my tablet, yet they play OK on both Windows and Mac OSX computers. I can not even find a QuickTime APP on the Google Play Store.

I could not actually find an Apple QuickTime player in the Play Store. What player are you using? And where did your videos come from?

I don't know if it will be any help but I could try the player you are using on my phone using one of my wife's camera videos (which are QuickTime format) to see if the phone, using Android 4.1.1, will play it with the sound. As I said I have no idea what, if any help, this might be, but I am willing to give it a try if you tell me what player you are using.

Thanks MikeFromMesa,

I have tried both the default Android video player that came with my Samsung tablet and the MX Player on my QuickTime videos.  I can see the video OK after download or streaming, but there is no sound.  The QuickTime videos with sound play OK on Windows 7, Mac OSX and I am told by others on the Apple IPAD, IOS operating system.  I made the QuickTime video (slide shows) myself, because my friends with Apple computers can not watch the much smaller and better quality Photodex Windows slide shows.  I have QuickTime slide shows under the magenta heading near the top of the page at:


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