How to EFTTR (expose further to the right), part 2

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Re: How to EFTTR (expose further to the right), part 2

Anders W wrote:

kenw wrote:

Neat. I know some in the UniWB crowd advocate this - and the issue is always finding a filter strong enough. One thing cool about the with filter shot is that having equalized the channels it appears the shadow noise is now neutral instead of the typical magenta cast that is visible in the no filter shot.

Yes, you get rid of the magenta cast you will otherwise have when you push the deep shadows far. On top of that, it also stabilizes chroma considerably. I think the filter brings chroma noise down by about one stop, which makes logical sense. Since color is a combination rather than an average of the channels, it doesn't help if green is rather noise-free (thanks to a stronger signal as well as double pixels) if red and blue are both noisy. Luminance noise is down as well, but not by as much. I'd say half a stop or so.

Very interesting Anders, nice logical progression in your thinking. I agree with kenw about the cast neutralisation.

Now that makes me wonder whether the Bayer pattern of 2g+r+b should now be g+b+r - for the implication is that the green channel is too strong, and required holding back.  For if that's effectively what you are doing by reducing the light in the green channel - because there isn't a filter that increases the light in the b&r! (Umm, thinks "how can I patent a negative filter?")

I'm no expert in the details of the sensor, but would you say the response to the wavelengths has changed over the past 15 years?

However, I like the thinking, but I can't really see the paradox that we should reduce the light reaching the sensor in order to get less noise!

Keep up the good work!


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