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joe6pack wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

Many thanks - I've got the actual Oly one but just wanted to make sure that nothing has changed on the front of the XZ-2.. it's expensive enough as it is, without adding Oly cap price to it again !!.. excellent it is though...

I am disappointed that Olympus does not include the LC-63A as a standard accessory for XZ-2, given its high price.

Actually I've been quite surprised to find that one of our very well respected long-time Dealers in UK are currently offering the XZ-2 at an extremely good price..WAY down on its original nominal starter price about 6 months or so ago - so there realy isn't that much in hand to include the genuine Oly cap.. as that really is a very well-made bit of equipment..it IS somewhat over-priced but as with so many other little accessories.. others can be said to be too pricey for what they are. Probably as with a lot of other things we buy - accessories seem to be out of proportion to the original cost of the main item.  I've used JJC caps for years... but I do think the Oly cap of same kind is loads better construction .. and a neater addition.

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