New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

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Re: New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

Tieguy77 wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I have always enjoyed taking photos of subjects ranging from family and pets to wildlife and landscapes. Thanks in part to a very generous offer from my Fiancee to pony up half the money for a Canon camera of my choice, I have decided to take the plunge and purchase a DSLR.

I have watched and read reviews and I am very impressed with the EOS 7D. Now, I am planning on using this as a hobby not a business and this would be my very first DSLR camera. I am a pretty quick learner. A new EOS 7D would be at the high end of the spectrum for what I am willing to spend.

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there a better offering from Canon for the money?

2. What would be an excellent bundle (lens and body) choice for a beginner?

I tend to take photos of whatever might capture my attention at the moment, so I cannot narrow down my subject matter to only action or landscapes. I want a camera that is sturdy and will give me years of enjoyment. AND I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE.

Thank you all for helping.


Why only a Canon camera? There are plenty of offerings out there at that price range. How serious are you?

The following scenerios could occur;

1) You buy an expensive camera more suited for advanced users and realize it's not for you thus said camera becomes a paperweight.(worst scenerio)

2) You buy a cheaper camera but you end up loving photography and outgrow the camera's capabilities within a few months and start shopping around for a more advanced one. (somewhat wasteful of your $)

3) You buy an expensive camera and love it and save yourself having to buy something better as you get better. You "grow into" it over time and it gives you years of enjoyement. (Best scenerio)

4) You buy a cheap camera and decide you dislike photography. You save yourself money in the long run having not spent a ton to begin with.(conservative approach towards the possibility that your passion for photography will fissle with time. It happens)

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