Is the 70 200 f4 a compromise lens?

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Re: Is the 70 200 f4 a compromise lens?

bobcat3610 wrote:

Thanks for all the input and expertise. I've done some more digging around and so far the only 2 reviews that say the f/4 is lacking at 200mm are SLRgear and pop photo magizine. Others like Camera labs and Photozone have it neck and neck with it's big brother at all FL. Camera labs posted a side by side between the F/4 and the VR2 and the F/4 not only held it's own in the image center but beat it's big brother in the DX corners. 1 thing everyone agrees with is that F/4's VR is the best they have ever used. So IMHO the F/4 isn't a compromise but a real contender in the 70 200 battle. I really do think though that at $1400 Nikon should include the tripod collar.

Yes the tripod collar, so add $170 to that, F4 $1400 + $170 VS. F2.8 $2097 (w/free tiffen filters (not top notch but free) and Expodisc), that's less than $400 - $500 dependending on how much value you give to the free stuff.

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