RX1 EVF Stability

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Re: RX1 EVF Stability

tesilab wrote:

Check to see if it is the same lag as on the LCD. It could easily be an issue in the image processing pipeline that is independent of the display. (With the exception that the EVF has a higher resolution than the LCD, so the burden of preview generation is a little greater, so the same thing would apply in principle, but if very high iso slows it down for some reason, it should still manifest to a lesser degree or at an even higher ISO on the LCD)

I think it is a little slower on the lcd, but will check again when I get home today.  To clarify, it happens in situations where it's a little dark and the iso is up to 6400.  Looking through the EVF does not feel very fluid in comparison to when the light is good and iso is low.  I'm sure B&H will exchange it for me if it is an issue, but I want to make sure it's not a normal thing first.  So are people noticing the movement in the EVF is just as fluid in higher iso/darker conditions than in well lit low iso situations.  This would help me out a lot.  Thanks

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