I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

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Barry Stewart
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Adding to the silliness

My first wife, C-5060, left me a widower when she passed away a day after our first anniversary of a congenital defect (the dreaded belly button-dial failure). I tried in vain to save her but it was too late. I keep her in a box, along with our marriage certificate, and I think of her occasionally — especially when I come across our honeymoon photos.

I had always been impressed by her other qualities and kept my eye out for her identical triplet sisters.

Eventually I found them. They had both been scorned by their first lovers but I took them in and I play with them from time to time. They both ask about their sister but I don't have the heart to tell them that she's sitting in pieces in a cardboard box, six inches under their shelf.

One even likes to go swimming, so I bought her some underwater gear. Still, I don't know how long I can stay with them. The one with the long black strap — the one who doesn't like swimming — constantly nags that I "don't turn her on anymore."

"Oh yeah?" I think to myself. "Let me show you what I did to your sister!"

In 2002, I heard about another sibling. She had a fraternal twin, who was the first-born. From her dark looks, I suspect the "twins" actually had different fathers. The other girl was silver — but this one was all black. Many thought the twins were weird-looking but I looked past that when I saw what they could do.

The sister was nicknamed UZI and my new girl was called EZI. I asked why people called her that and she muttered something about "new-in-box." She was still like new when I got her but the fingerprints told me that she had been around the block with some other guys. What they had done on a glass countertop, I didn't want to think about....

But what a relationship we had for a couple of years! I took her everywhere. It was the best action I had had since my Minolta 9xi film days, (at 4.5 fps.) EZI could shoot at 15 fps — and flash me five times in a second.

At that rate, she actually wore my flasher out — and at about the same time, I realized that she was holding me back... despite her machine gun firepower. I appreciated the stability of my zoom, but I couldn't get it to go — you know — fast enough.

I realized that I was missing the ability to shoot long then turn and fire wide, like I had in the organic era. I needed a DSLR.

(To be continued... if I'm not banned.)

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