Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

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Re: Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

JoeyCF3 wrote:

Hmm I get it now.

But if I'm taking photos in broad daylight, do I still need a ring flash or other lighting solution? Or would this be strictly for inherently darker situations?

You normally should not need any additional lighting if you are working in broad day light and do not project a shadow over you subject, unless you want to highlight a particular part of the subject which is in the shadow.
The problem is that you never are assured of getting the proper weather, and somtimes have no choice over the location your subject selects. In the case the subject is in the shadow, if you project a shadow, if you need details over parts being in the shadow, you are very happy to have an easy solution...

The investment in the HVL-F20S is not so high, and it seemed logical to me rather than having unsatisfactory macro results.
I would advise that you start taking pictures without any additional lighting, so you can judge whether or not such an investment makes sense to you. This is the way I did it, and it took me less than 2 weeks to decide I needed some lighting in some instances that could justify the additional cost. I decided not to invest into a more complex lighting solution (wireless trigger, external flashes, flash ring, etc...) and so far I am fine with this decision. If I decided to go deeper into insect macrophotography, I think I would invest in a more expensive lighting solution.


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