FZ200 Price Approaching Sweet Spot

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Re: FZ200 Price Approaching Sweet Spot---$399

It is always interesting how people will happily discuss their intention to commit an act of deception on an open global forum.

Why not just keep the camera and stop making things complicated and risking being black listed by Amazon for the sake of $70. Do not forget this camera is still over £400 in the UK so you have not done too badly.

It is interesting how people are prepared to risk so much for so little gain.

rollingstone wrote:

This puts me in a conundrum...I bought from Amazon less than 30 days ago for 499.00 Since then I've taken the FZ200 to France shot over 600 pictures. Camera is working good, lens seems fine, etc.

Talking to Amazon via chat, I asked for a credit. They said no, just return with in the 30 day window (Bought Feb 28) and re-buy.

I tried to barter, like what about 50.00 credit, but nope. It seems like a waste of resources to send it back and re-buy. But 70 bucks is 70 bucks...right?

Hmm...just thought of this, I suppose I could buy one now and return it as the one I previously bought. Advantage for me is I keep the camera that I know is working well, and advantage for the retailer is they get an unopened return.... Thoughts?

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