cheap repair for 24-105 err 01 - worth it?

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Re: cheap repair for 24-105 err 01 - worth it?

Hi Jack

Frankly, I wouldn't take the risk buying anything off eBay if the seller can't or won't do you the courtesy of a reply to legitimate queries. The photo suggests to me that it's a used one although I could be mistaken about this. I don't think it can be a clone as I doubt there's much of a market for knockoff camera parts.  More likely, it's someone who took a lens apart and wants to try and sell the bits as spares. Nothing wrong with that but they should at least answer your queries.

$170/-  sounds expensive for a new one but aside from that, any good CSC should have the part in stock - especially since it seems to happen so often. My CSC here in Singapore (a much smaller market) had it in stock and was able to do the repair in less than a week at a cost of S$186/-.  What does your CSC quote for the repair? A 4-week wait just to order in the part seems an unfeasable service model to me.

I wouldn't say the genuine Canon part is "poor quality" although the apparent frequency of failures suggests there might be a design issue that Canon should address given the cost of this "L" lens. My CSC refused to comment on this, obviously.

I guess we'll have to wait for a product refresh but even it that happens, it's unlikely we'll be told whether the aperture assembly has been upgraded. That said, they do from time to time, issue fixes for known bugs or problems so maybe the frequency doesn't justify it.

If you are still determined to attempt the repair, I'd at least buy the new replacement part. Maybe if you have any friends in other markets with lower prices, one of them might be able to buy one and post it to you.


Jackson22 wrote:

Tks Trevor. I ask ebay seller n did not get a reply. The way he described it(oem), looks like it is a clone. Genuine canon is $ 170 parts only here in Canada n 4weeks wait.

I was planning to fix it inside a light box to minimize dust and even consider running my vacuum cleaner beside it. In terms of procedure, seller said they will offer step by step instructions.

When you said not impressed with quality, does the broken part looks poor quality. How does it compare to the one on ebay ?

If this is a poorly made clone parts, it may not last long either -that's my big concern. On the other hand, canon could be buying from the same maker too!

Hope someone who had that she oem will chip in.


sacentre wrote:

I was waiting to see if anyone with experience of this job would answer you as I would like to know myself. I had err 01 on my 24-105 and let my local CSC fix it which they did at reasonable cost. I have to say, though, that I wasn't impressed by the apparent build quality of the faulty aperture assembly which they showed me afterwards. I remember thinking at the time that I wasn't surprised they fail as often as they do.

Is this eBay one, a new, original Canon part? It doesn't look like it from the photo.

As far as doing the repair yourself goes, however, I would answer you by saying that it all depends on what you mean by "relatively ok". I have a precision mechanical engineering training and many years experience of all kinds of DIY, metal machining and practical electronics but would not feel confident enough to take a lens apart. If I were shown and had the parts and proper tools to hand, I could no doubt learn (it's probably relatively routine). Personally, I'd be afraid of introducing dust or finding I needed some specialised tool I didn't have attempting this on my desk at home.

If you are confident enough to attempt the job, I would at least try to buy a new, original replacement part from Canon if they will sell you one, make sure you have the minimum required tools to do the job and provision for keeping as much dust out as possible.

Good luck and please post some photos of your progress if you decide to have a go.


Jackson22 wrote:

anyone tried this product

what are the pitfalls if i will do it myself - iam relatively ok for installation of such parts.

apprecaite any feedback.

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jackdshutter from surrey bc
7Dee + 1oo-4oo + 4oo f5.6 + 24-105 + 10-22
580exII + better beamer + jobu LW2 gimbal + lee 6X4 grad ND set

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