which NIKON support "FULL MANUAL" (shutter/aperture/iso) override in VIDEO?

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Re: which NIKON support "FULL MANUAL" (shutter/aperture/iso) override in VIDEO?


I'm also trying to develop some video skills.

You may want to look to Panasonic or Sony for useable autofocus in video. Face detect AF on my GF3 and LX7 work great. GF3 does not have full manual control but LX7 is cheap right now and has full manual PASM controls and also offers top resolution and other good specs, 1080p 60 fps etc and is generally quite good for video.

In m4/3, only GH series offers full manual. On a DSLR, I imagine Sony is similar.

For serious DSLR video, you have to do MF apparently. If the lens is in manual focus mode, and has an aperture ring like lots of the old AIS Nikkor lenses, and if you're running on auto ISO, then presumably you could change aperture during video and the cam would compensate with auto ISO for the exposure. So it appears you effectively have full manual control with Nikon as long as you're not trying to use autofocus. The serious video folks get their aperture rings declicked for smoother aperture changes.

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