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Re: Only if you actually clicked on the link...

JLim22 wrote:

and read a little bit, you would see that Rob's test is also on a 5D3.

I did actually click on the link and "read a little bit". In fact I had first seen that post (and looked through it) some time ago when I first bought my 5D3. While it was an interesting comparison it does not indicate why the sd cards are so slow. The link I posted was meant to address that.

So Rob's results would actually show speeds one would expect to see on any 5D3. If you compare the speeds between CF and SDHC, SDHC is quite a bit slower.

No body was questioning that. Given equivalent speed sd and cf cards and equivalent hardware the cf cards should always be faster given the larger number of data paths for transfer.

And you're right, it doesn't make sense to get a faster SDHC card as 5D3 doesn't support faster speeds.

That is all I was trying to say.

To the OP, check out the link. It seems like it's pretty accurate.

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