How to achieve this amazing look

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Re: How to achieve this amazing look

I'm amazed at how dead this forum has become, and how quickly it died. As little as two years ago you would have got several good answers to your post. Five years ago your post would have floated off the front page in less than 8 hours.

Unfortunately, the same is true to some extent on all the major photography "retouching" forums. But for portrait questions, the retouching forum at ModelMahem still remains the best.

Go here:

Browse the archives for all the "how do I get this look" threads. There are hundreds, and many have samples similar to the ones you show.

Look for stuff (answers) by Peano, Krunoslav-Stifter, Natalia_Taffarel, Pictus, DerW. Any thread they participate in is usually a good one.

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