SIGMA DP3 Merrill - The reports, the photos, the questions.

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It's the Merrill-sensor cameras which aren't supported by various Adobe-ACR-based programs. The SD15 RAWs are supported by my Photoshop Elements v10 ACR which is ACR 6.4.1

I don't use Lightroom, but if your Adobe program is based on ACR 6.4.1 or later, SD15 RAWs are fine. I just use PSElements to catalog on one computer.... I usually do 99% of my editing and printing through Sigma's SPP, now version 5.5.  On my main photo computer (Win8 laptop) I have 6GB of RAM and SPP is decently fast, very fast loading and processing SD15 RAW (about 10-20MB files), somewhat slower with the DP2Merrill files which are usually 50MB+. I've always used SPP as my main program since 2004. The only editing I really miss is ability to straighten/crop.... so I process/edit the file in SPP, save as JPEG or TIFF, then straighten/crop it in Canon's DPP!

Other users who have a standard workflow in non-SPP programs do some processing in SPP then export TIFFs or batch process everything as TIFFs then finish in other programs.
The SD15 is nice, I like it, but I haven't used it yet in a wide range of circumstances. I have many SA mount lenses; my 'best' mid-range which is a definite go-to-Hawaii in May is my 28-70mmEX. This is a discontinued lens, but mine is good on all cameras including the SD1. My (original) 105mmEX is also for sure. The 50mmEX f/2.8 is excellent but do I really need it with the 28-70mmEX? Probably. The others are in question: 10-20mm, 17-70mmOS, 28-300mm, 70-200mmEX too large and heavy for this trip.
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