I Smell a Rat...

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Re: I Smell a Rat...

Fave Photog wrote:

There is nothing on this site that is "intended" to lead you to Amazon to make your purchases.

Not the brightest bulb or the most observant person, I see:


Click on any camera or lens, such as the above link, and you are only directed to Amazon. I have no problem with that. They own the site. But to have your head in the sand per your above mindless statement, well...just makes you look plain ignorant.

If DPR wanted to they could EASILY mod those B&H discussions right out of here, but they don't.

Because they'd have about 10 members, including you, if they did so.

Ya know... your first comment in this thread started out reasonably ok...but since then you just seem to be another of us that wants to insult, and get smart with people

"another of us"? Please don't group me in with your ilk. I always accord people the same respect with which they show me, but I have no problem tossing their foolishness and immaturity back in their face, if that's the direction they wish to take a conversation.

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The Five 'Ps' of Photography:
*Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!*

Case rested.

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