NX300 ISO performance looks promising.

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Re: NX300 ISO performance looks promising.

timedrun wrote:

DPR have said in the past that Samsung have not been giving them models to review, whether this is related to DPR (allegedly) bungling previous reviews of the NX series is not known.

In any case, I think it would be a good outcome if DPR took the NX line a bit more seriously and if Samsung took DPR a bit more seriously in return, but this is OT really.

WRT to CDAF and PDAF workings, I always assumed (and hoped) that the camera would use both simultaneously or in symbiosis, therefore it not being possible to disable one or the other without crippling the AF. If the camera can only use one or the other, and is actually making an auto decision as to which one to use, then I wholeheartedly agree that we should be able to set that ourselves.

I hope that someone who knows about such things is happening to pass by this thread and can shed some light on the matter.

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that would be nice if indeed it would work as it was advertised or intended to be. so far I'm still cautious about it since I haven't seen some videos of it focusing in lowlight. the videos I have seen suggests that it is really quick and fast in daylight, but still a question whether it will slow down or exclusively use CDAF under lowlight. also, I would like to determine how quick it is with certain lenses. if the 85mm, 60mm and some of the pancakes would operate much faster than their VCM lens counterparts.

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