iPad mini as RAW backup

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There ain't no space and time

Including various overheads, you should allow 20MB per raw file.

1GB = 50 photos

55GB = 2,750 Photos

= 550 Photos per month

= 135 Photos per week

The easiest, fastest and safest workflow is:

Buy around 20 x 8GB SD cards (or whatever you think your shooting rate needs) = $130.

Shoot with two SD cards in camera, configured to fill the first then switch to the second.

After each shoot, take the active SD card and upload to the iPad with the CCK, don't delete the imported photos from the card and then return the SD card to the camera.

Don't bother deleting any rejects from the iPad for the moment.

On the next import, it lets you upload just the new photos. (If you deleted any from the iPad, it will now re-import them, hence no point in deleting until you are finished with this card).

Once an SD card is full, replace it with a new SD card, import the remaining photos from the card and then store it away somewhere as your backup.

Once you finished using a card, you can then start deleting the rejects from the iPad. Just remember not to delete any rejects from your active card.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Works without any internet connection.
  • You have an original on the SD cards, and a backup on your iPad.
  • If you are selective about your keepers, you could have the entire set of keepers on the iPad and import only these into your computer on your return.
  • No third party device of software to fight.
  • Fastest approach. No duplication of effort. Import does the backup, delete eliminates the rejects.
  • SD cards take up hardly any space and don't need a power supply.

Even though many things are technically possible. It's easy to underestimate the amount of time it takes and faffing around it causes.


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