How long does a lens have to be, to be an issue for a Tripod?

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Re: The 'rule' is far too long to be useful.

The head I used for that test was an Arca-swiss Z1-DP. the tripod was the 3 sections 3 series 6x with center column. Center column was set at the lowest position but all leg was extended to the full lenght. I used the timer delay for that test but intentionally leave the mirror unlock. I have remove the DP clamp on the Z1 and install a simple C12 clamp after the test but never do the same test again! (My normal tripod use were for marco only, mostly with the 105vr). The laser pointer was mount with a manfotto mini clamp on a manfotto hotshoes adaptor. This may not be a very strong link. but based on the movement I see on the liveview screen when I set up the target, i can assure you that the tripod and head setup is way weaker that you would have think!

I also tried the camera bag under the tripod appoach. But that was a total failure. I test the setup out door on the lawn. The bag turn into a pendulum and swing the tripod like crazy and it took foreven to stop!

Today, the head that was always on my tripod is the 405 geared head with arca quick release mod. Didn't bother to do the laser test again due to my usage pattern!

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