Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: FF should be taken seriously

Mike Fewster wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Mike Fewster wrote:

APS-C sensors in dslr bodies would, eventually, go the way of the dodo and that the market would eventually split into FF and mirrorless designs. I still think I was right, although Sony kept APS-C in their mirrorless.

You are not right. it has been 5 years and the big two still own 80% of the market, and majority of their product is still APS-C SLR.

I did say"eventually" and I strongly suspect that the proportion of their cameras that are ff models is increasing.

Of course. because FF has got cheaper. my point is mirrorless is not denting APS-C like you predict, it has been 5 years and aps-c slr still dominate.

I am sorry but this passage is both baseless and senseless. Performance advantage is gained by area, and increase is linear. DXO indicate that the maximum iso that one can maintain SNR of 30dB, DR of 9 EVs and a color depth of 18bits is only 618 on G5, 826 on OM-D, on the FF side of the battle we have D800 with 2853 and D3s with 3253.

Try thinking of it this way. If you try to define a point on a matrix (which is what we do re acutance) if we double the sides, we get 4X the area, but we still have only doubled the available measurement used to locate a point on either of the axis.

This is clearly the wrong way to look at it. 2 x 2 = 4 is the most simple math so I am not sure what can make one get that wrong. You are on the wrong side of both theory and measured data.

If you look at a print made with ff v (say) mft, (all other factors such as lens choice and iso being equal) you will see better sharpness dr and color gamut for the ff, but is it 4x better?

That is like saying, if you were driving a Veyron and a Corolla on a 50kph road, is the veryon 4 times faster? Can you not see the fallacy in such comparison?

Where light is plenty and DOF is wide and the print is small, you cannot even tell the difference between a goo P&S to a FF. but we are not buying good cameras for these shots only are we? we buy them for photos taken in less ideal lighting, or where we need narrower DOF, or where we print big. Just like Veyron is not made for 50kph roads even thought it can drive on it just the same.

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