How to recover data from SD card after accidental deletion?

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Re: How to recover data from SD card after accidental deletion?

Peter Oliver wrote:

I have a problem with my 4 GB SD card. When I connected it to my PC via a card Reader, the computer always asked me to format it. I couldn’t do that. There were so many wedding pictures of my friend. Is it possible to recover the data anyhow?

You title suggests that you deleted the files but your description in the post is a bit confusing since you mention formatting and some problem with the SD card? What exactly happened?

In any case, the first and most important thing to do is to stop using that card right away!!!. And set the slider on the side of your SD card to "lock" position so that no software including any recovery software could write to it.

The files which get deleted still exist on the card pretty much fully intact as long as you do not overwrite new data on top of them. Think of it this way, when you delete a file, the system marks the space used by that file as "available" for new data. However no data actually gets removed. However if you then write to the card afterwards, there is a chance some of your old data might be overwritten. Hence the need to ensure nothing gets written to the card after the deleting incident.

If it was simply a case of accidental deletion and you didn't use the card after deletion then it should be fairly straightforward for any decent recovery software to recover all the files. If however you wrote to the card after the deletion and/or if the card has become bad in some way, then you will need to do more research into finding a good quality recovery software as some might be better than others in handling your particular scenario. And in this case the recovery might just be partial.

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