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Allan martin wrote:

Yes it is.

Ill probably going with the CT114 then. But Ill make sure to compare them both in store.

Hey, will I need a short center column?

Only you know th eanswer to that. I prefer a tripod without a centre column (Feisol CT3442), but you may need thesaddled flexibility. It's rarely advisable to use a tripod with the centre column fully extended, so a short centre column might be useful to you.

Also, is there a certain rule about the ballhead's max load related to the tripod's max load? I mean, ballhead's max load needs to be equal or greater than the tripod's or it wouldnt matter picking a smaller max load?

To answer your question, no. You can use a small ballhead on a tripod with a higher rated load capacity. It would usually be considered massive overkill, but at the same time, a tripod can't be too steady. Too big, too heavy, certainly, but no one ever complained that their tripod was way steadier than they really needed.

Just as with tripod legs, a ballhead's maximum load has very little to do with real world usability. For example, the RRS BH-25 which is clearly intended for digicams/mirrorless system cameras is rated for 4kg. A m4/3 camera with 100-300mm lens will weigh less than 1kg.

Smaller companies like Kirk, RRS etc... Will happily respond to emails about recommended use.

There is no 'rule'. Beyond the obvious (don't exceed the stated load capacity), follow the manufacturer's guidelines on the type of load a ballhead should be used for. The maximum load capacity is not a recommendation.

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