Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

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Re: Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

Couple of thoughts. As many people have said having both systems (money no object) is the way to go. I have the 5diii and the xe1 and use them in different ways.

1. Size, both weight/physical dimensions as well as appearance to other people (threatening v non-threatening, tourist v pro etc) is the main factor.

2. AF speed, for sports it's the 5diii every time.

3. Flash then the ease of the ETTL and controlling off camera strobes would be 5diii. As you say the flashes and triggers for canon cover all the bases.

There are probably many other criteria but I rarely spend much time deciding between them, it's normally obvious to me which i will enjoy using more in the given circumstances.

One thing I rarely debate in my mind between the cameras is IQ. The xe1 is pretty good and there will be few situations where the 5diii beats it at a noticeable level. In fact given your lens choices I would be interested on views as to which of the xpro1 with 35mm f1.4 or 6d with the 50mm f1.8 combos would work out best for IQ. Think it would be close but I suspect that the fuji combo might just sneak it.

I like the fuji colours too but find the canon colours are pretty good too. A little tweaking in LR4 and both work just fine.

If you can only have one system then the 6d would be my vote.

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