X100 vs Sony RX-100

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Re: X100 vs Sony RX-100

I'll tell you one massive advantage to the RX100, and another one that both cameras have in common..

As someone who likes shooting in the street, the RX100 makes it that much easier to blend in, people talk about rangefinders (not that the Fuji's are) being so much more discreet and less noticeable but if you want the ultimate, a P&S gets such little reaction.  The second massive help and one i'm not sure I could do without now is the silent shutter, which the X100s also has and is so totally undervalued.  I worked with m43 before the RX100, taking photos of the people directly in front of me on trains or wherever has never been so easy, and even when I would venture to take a photo with my old gear (which has just been sitting there since the RX100) I usually took one photo if up close and then would have to walk away, i.e. I couldn't on trains and buses where i'm sitting facing them for an hour.  Now I can take 4 or 5 shots (or how ever many) paying more attention to the composition rather than just the audacity of getting 1 shot.

Another simple reason the RX100 is great for street is that it truly is a camera you can have on you most of the time.  I started with DSLR's like everyone, then when M43 came about relished the fact I could now take the camera much more frequently, but now... well now it's nothing, it has a zoom range and it's silent.  To me it's a dream street camera.

However, while it's halfway decent at higher ISO's and unless you're going for grainy black and whites, shooting at night the X100s would be the bees knees.  I'm wondering about this now as a nice little street set up, the RX100 for most of the work, with the X100s as the low light, purposeful camera.  Oh and I also use Medium Format Fuji rangefinders for street.  Nice set up.  But for one camera?  I would easily say the RX100, i'm constantly surprised at the IQ, it's really good all round camera that's tiny, no VF is the only annoyance.

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