Why is 1DX Auto ISO set at 400 with Flash?

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Re: Why is 1DX Auto ISO set at 400 with Flash?

RedFox88 wrote:

drgas99 wrote:

Why would Canon deliberately set it at 400?

Why not?

When I use a flash, my default ISO I set is 400 as well. 400 on the 1D X is incredibly good, it exposes more of the background, and uses less battery power for the flash. You should be able to use ISO 400 on any modern dSLR with great results.

I think of exposure like a 3 legged stool.  Balance is acheived with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.  Shutter speed and aperture give creative expression but ISO, for me, should always be the lowest possible setting to achieve the exposure I am looking for.

Auto ISO does this without flash...but with a flash?  Then everything seems to break down.

It doesn't appear to be a limitation in the sensitivity, technology, or computing power of the camera. It clearly has the ability to calculate exposure with 4 variables.  It appears to be a simple lack of programming on the Firmware.

But why set it arbitrarily at 400? This is a deliberate move on the programmer's part but it makes no sense to me.

Because I shoot subjects that are moving fast, I would like the assistance of the camera to calculate the exposure I am after...it doesn't seem unreasonable to expect.  In addition, there is no reason that with AUTO ISO chosen, I couldn't be able to have Exposure Compensation calculated in Manual mode.

For those that want Manual to mean "100% no computer," perhaps have another mode.

I simply want to be able to choose both Aperture and Shutter speed, use flash and exposure compensation and have the ISO adjust automatically based on the meter and the amazing ability of this camera to calculate exposure.

This is not rocket science and would make this camera very usable for me!

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