SLRGear: Oly 17mm F1.8 tested

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Re: SLRGear: Oly 17mm F1.8 tested

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Looks like you need to stop down to F4 for very good quality.

Really? That's not how I read it at all.

check O75/1.8 @ 1.8 on the same website... that is what we can call very good quality

Call it what you want. "majority of the frame is very sharp" at f1.8 is good enough for me and has been plenty good the two months I have owned it.

Enjoy those charts all you want. I have both lenses and like them both very much.

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I also have both and love them both.

love is blind... (you may fall in love even with a goat)

At least it is love until there is a better one. Remember it is better to love the one you are with than wishing for something better than might never come. So until there is something better I am going to love my 17/1.8.

by all means, it is still better than an utterly failure of O17/2.8

Better than all available alternatives other than the voigtlander (which is only a problem because of size).

misery of those alternatives just shows so-so execution on Olympus part for O17/1.8... they could do better, but decided to save on glass... and math is no replacement for glass.

If it performs close to then (stunning) lens in the x100 (probably better wide open) and people aren't happy?
I give up. I acknowledge you have to use one to "get" this lens but it's a keeper for me, for the purposes I mentioned.

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