cost of bayonet-mount hood for RX1

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Re: cost of bayonet-mount hood for RX1

teseg wrote:

maxuci wrote:

Is there any reason, besides supply/demand, that a bayonet-mount hood (JJC, SONY) would be more expensive than a threaded hood (that can be found for $6)? Could it be that those $6 hoods are generic and fit any 35mm lens and had been already designed/made, whereas the the JJC is specific to the RX1?

I do not want, and will not purchase, a thread mounted hood, but $70 is crazy for a machined piece of Al and $170 is f***ing nuts. I will keep waiting.....

There are competitive products = cost+ (like the eBay hood). There are premium products (like JJC) which are based on competitors'' pricing, and there are Flagship, based on perceived value of the target segment. Sounds like you are not in the target segment.

I have the Sony hood.

First, I feel that I may have come across angrier than I really am; I'm just curious. Second, I do not understand your response at all :/  can you clarify? My question distilled: why hasn't there been a 3rd party $10 bayonet-mount hood produced yet?

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