Question for those with X100 & X100s - important?

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Re: Take both and report back when you can

I´ve just bought my first X100, the old version. Actually I bought two of them since it was the last oneces in the store. Maybe stupid since the new version now is coming but for me there is something special with the first one,,. the original perhaps.. I remember when  i got my Pana GF1 with the 20 mm pancake lens,, that was pure magic for me. Later I changed to the G1 with a viewfinder,, and the magic was gone..

Im looking forward to travel with my new X100 even I know it has some quirks,, in fact Im looking forward to get to know the quirks, learn the camera,, I imagine it will be a more closer relation that way,, maybe it will force me to think more before I press the shutter.

Same as Sutto, I mainly use it for travels in Asia. I imagine it will  be a great travelcompaniin. Up until today I have used a Canon S95. I love the portability and the discretion but the imagequalite is not good enough. Its hard to get the "magic" in photos from that camera. And the magic in a photo is all im looking for, I dont really think that sharpness and resolution etc is the most importent,,, Im just looking for the magic. Some of my favorite photos i have found on the net and they are in very small sizes,,, not suited for printing,, but still they are my favorites...

Since im just taking photos for my own amusment, the moment in the photo is more importent than the technically quality.

This post doesnt have any real point, Im just so excited about my new cameras that I had to say something.

Sutto, If your going to Dumaguete, Philippines ever during Jan - June,, Youre welcome to come and visit me in my house there.

/Noa from Sweden

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