Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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FF should be taken seriously

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Between Panasonic and Olympus, and Sony, and Fuji, the APS DSLR is on its way out.

Then why is that Canikon keep pumping out a few new models every year, even sony insist it is still in the game? the ability to shoot fast action simply cannot be matched by CDAF.

The current 'lower cost' FF bodies - gee, only two grand instead of four - are, to me, as much a desperation measure by the two giants as anything.

By the time you buy 3 good lenses you are ahead with FF as far as saving goes.

FF - so what? It's not like the Sony RX1 is setting any sales records.

D800 did, for the first 3 month it outsold all other DSLRs, including the normal volume champs like D3100 and 600D.

Nice camera, fairly small, fixed lens, darn expensive. That's almost Leica price without Leica snob appeal.

RX1 is by all account very good value for the money, you need to pay twice the money or a Leica body, and another RX1 for a simily leica lens. So you are completely wrong buddy, it is not almost Leica price, it is about 1/3 of Leica price.

If you're going to overpay, you might as well get some photographic heritage to bask in.

Seriously, how many of you would actually put ISO57600 to use on a regular basis? Not many, I rarely use 6400.

At whatever high ISO one may be using, IQ from FF is 4 times better than m43. if you find iso 1600 acceptable on m43, you will find iso6400 on FF acceptable.

ISO 6400 is acceptable on NEX5R/6 and PDAF works quite well, as compared to the hybrid PDAF on the Canon T4i...which is a dud. The so-called dual chip system. (That's probably why Canon just announced the T5i.)

When mft was first announced I got much heckled over on the Sony dslr forum by arguing that Sony should join mft and bring out similar cameras. Further, that APS-C sensors in dslr bodies would, eventually, go the way of the dodo and that the market would eventually split into FF and mirrorless designs. I still think I was right, although Sony kept APS-C in their mirrorless. Canon seem to be putting less and less effort into their APS-C sensor and body development. But they are certainly doing better on FF. For some uses FF is clearly superior but these are not needs that everyone has. Incidentally, re the previous post that claimed a FF was 4X better than an mft sensor, it isn't. Any theoretical advantage due to sensor size should be measured by the length differential, not the area. In theory, this gives about a 2x advantage. You will have difficulty in seeing this however, 2x it may be but its a logarithmic increase so the actual gains in what you see are smaller.

There is a real buzz about FF at the moment. It's a bit hard to argue with the quality of the shots being posted on Luminous Landscape with an RX1. Nex columns are full of reports and rumors of an impending Nex9, supposedly a Nex based FF.

I think the reports of a Panasonic ff (I wouldn't say "post mft", I'd reckon "in addition to" are quite plausible and show that Panasonic are looking very carefully at the way the wind is blowing.

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