3 days Canon 5D Mark II and already big problems :( Maybe a bad CMOS

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Re: SOLUTION: Motherboard replaced = 400 Euro service bill

binyaminmellish wrote:

How has your camera been operating? My Canon 5D MK II experienced the same problem and I just got it back from repair. They replaced the circuit board. I am thinking about buying an extended warranty.

I'm so sorry to hear that and it makes me kind of nervous actually as it might happen to me as well...

I've been doing some timelapse photography and I've taken over 4000 photos so far after the repair and it's going well. I'll be out and about over the Easter break taking more timelapse, fingers crossed, hopefully I wont have any problems.

When I bought the camera I did buy 2 extra years warranty, apparently after the first warranty from Canon, the 2 following years are under the shop where I bought it from (JB HiFi Australia).

If it happens again I might ask for a refund or an upgrade to be honest.

Let me know how you go with yours.

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