Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Well Jake, an interesting and relatively acrimony free discussion you've managed to provoke in this forum. Kudos.

Pentax does seem to be the road less travelled and necessarily a more considered choice. For better or for worse, a common theme you'll see on this forum and others is the difficulty people have in actually getting a Pentax DSLR in their hands. That often means doing a lot of research online before making a long drive somewhere to check out the camera in person. In my case, I skipped the second part and got my K-5 from an online retailer based strictly on online reviews and checking out this and other forums. I often shoot large outdoor events, sometimes at night and sometimes in inclement weather (outdoor rallies, community events). That means weather sealing and good low light capabilities when flash is ineffective or too obtrusive. So in 2011 when I got my camera, the K-5 was at the top of my list, Canon 7D was in second place and was more expensive to boot.

Going a bit off topic, I don't want to ascribe altruism to Pentax, but, generally speaking the company seems interested in offering a good value for their cameras to people for whom value is important. Pentax has fewer models that are very well specified, except maybe if you want a DSLR primarily for video or need a really robust flash system to go with the camera. I guess Pentax has a different business philosophy than Canon or Nikon. I suppose if C&N wanted, they could take Pentax head on with small well-built weather sealed cameras and lenses at reasonable prices. But they don't -- they seem to prefer to have many lower/entry level models that are artificially crippled to cover more ground in the market. Case in point would be the new Canon 100D. Seems like much ado about not very much, especially compared to the K-30, also quite a compact camera.

It'd be interesting to see this question posed again a few years down the line as Ricoh manages to grow Pentax' market share. Nowhere to go but up I think!

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