EOS 100 D vs OMD and 620

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Re: You are way off !

Stuart wrote:

1. The cheap Canon lenses are not motion stabilized - Oly has the stabilization in the body.

What do you think the IS in EF-S 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 IS stands for? All Canon standard zooms for APS-C are stabilized and all the cheaper, lighter tele-zooms are as well, barring the ancient and horrible 75-300III.

2. Long tele zooms are drastically smaller - look at the relatively inexpensive Oly 300-600mm equivalent - Canon zooms of a similar type are gigantic and very very expensive.

The 55-250IS can be had for under $200 and weighs 390gms, as mentioned earlier. There are several Canon and third-party 7x-300 zooms in the same size and weight category of the Oly 75-300.

Long tele zooms are actually similarly sized because when you get to the longer fls, the size of the aperture dictates the size/weight of lenses.

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