RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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Re: RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

Some of what I'll say has been said; some hasn't; never know what opinion will resonate so here goes ...

The primary advantages of NEX are the broader system and larger sensor.

Advantages of RX100 are compactness, simplicity and cost.  Cost, because to exploit NEX, you end up buying ore than a simple one lens kit.

With NEX, you get the larger sensor which can offer you:
- greater dynamic range
- better low light photos (if you use fast enough lenses to exploit the large sensor)
- shallower depth of field (to a small extent with the kit zoom, but primarily if you use faster lenses)
You also get the options of fast lenses (at extra cost, complexity, weight, bulk), macro lenses, telephotos, superzooms, etc. as well as adapt all sorts of legacy lenses.
You get a tilting LCD and the option of an EVF
You get a wireless remote and optional flash.
You get superior IS in some lenses, but no IS in others

With RX100 you get:
- Limited system cost (there's only so much that's reasonable to buy after you pay for the camera)
- Compactness !
- Excellent IQ and performance for its compactness
- Simplicity

You can do an awful lot with a limited system if you take the time to work with it.  You can do panoramics and HDR (using a tripod and PP software to get better results), you can use close up filters for macro.  I've seen hacks to trip the shutter repeatedly to do time lapse photography.  And you can control the camera settings to a great degree.

I wouldn't be concerned over either the IQ or how "advanced" the camera is.  Personally, I'd be reluctant to dive into photography with the RX100 as my only camera without a viewfinder and, depending on what I'd be shooting, without options for other lenses.  (Right now I do a lot with a 70-200/2.8 and love the shallow DOF I get with an 85/1.8 but I could certainly imagine 28-100 being sufficient for a lot of things).  The thing is, my concerns aren't alleviated with a $650 NEX (or DSLR) kit.

FWIW, I use a DSLR with the 85 & 70-200 lenses; also a couple other lenses, for specialized shooting, or going out specifically for photography.  For the last 2.5 years I've had a NEX kit that has been used for casual stuff, travel, and any time I don't feel like grabbing the DSLR.  Now I have the RX100 and anticipate selling the NEX kit.

- Dennis

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