Olympus TG-2 or Nikon AW110 or Panasonic TS-5????????

Started Mar 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
davephdv Contributing Member • Posts: 789
Re: Olympus TG-2 or Nikon AW110 or Panasonic TS-5 as kid's camera?

I have a TS3 and it is a great pool, rainy day, boat, or surfing camera.

Not the IQ of a 4/3rds camera or my RX100, but just fine for what I use it for.

To take it in the water you have to make sure the door was clean when you closed it. Not sure most 8 year olds can be relied upon to do that consistently.

This becomes a problem because you want to take this camera in the water, so you have to pay attention to detail every time you close the battery door

The new Nikon 110 is good to 59 ft. Much better than any of the competition.

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