Going to leave M43, can't decide between these two.

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When will Minox ever wake up?

They own the full rights to and probably still have the tooling to produce, the quintessential spy camera: the Minox B. I have a B in great condition - heaven knows where I might get film for it, but I still have it, and the meter still works. It's a beautiful design, slender, very well made, quite useable despite it's tiny size. Spies actually used the B. James Bond used one, and you just don't get any cooler than that.

Yet, the best Minox could do recently was a somewhat lame (and larger) DSC digital version.

Break out the old molds, start turning out B bodies, put something better than a cell phone imager in them, and and they'll win the hearts (and dollars) of every James Bond wannabe out there. (including me) I'd love to have a digital B, in all it's slender brushed steel glory.

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