iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

Apparently I am not a typical user like many of you here, but on a two week wildlife trip to Japan I shot almost 400GB of images.  I wound up exceeding the capacity of both my internal laptop drive and the 320Gb external drive I brought along and wound up having to buy a bigger external drive. If this had not been a wildlife photo trip, I probably would have shot 1/5 that much, but once again in two weeks.... I certainly would not find an iPad able to meet my needs, especially considering that I always make at least two (and preferably) three copies of every image before erasing the compact flash card.  I, too, would not rely on uploading images to the Cloud (Dropbox or any other on line storage place) overseas.  Internet service is too unreliable to be able to consistently upload lots of RAW images.  The last thing you want to do while traveling is be tied to an internet connection when you ought to be out shooting.  Buy a good laptop and one or two external drives. The benefits will far outweigh any up front cost.

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