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ZD lens prices are actually very good right now

Granted, this is only apparent if you can use and compare the lenses, and not compare just aperture and focal length. But, right now, you can get professional grade fast HG ZD lenses for what everyone else's intermediate/slower lenses are going for.

I've found that getting another lens, especially a very high quality lens, is almost like getting a new camera - you can get shots now that you could only dream of before.

Here in the US, some particularly good deals can be had, courtesy of the uncertainty that the rumor mills and naysayers have generated.

ZD 12-60. Going for $500-550 in good condition. Its closest competitor is a Zeiss zoom that goes for... $1500. And the 12-60 is regarded to be a sharper lens.

ZD 50-200. Older model is typically $500, newer SWD version is maybe $600. This is another utterly superb lens, that's sharp edge to edge, sharp wide open, and remains razor sharp when the light gets dim.

ZD 50 F2. $300-350. One of the sharpest lenses that can be had, at any price. Killer macro lens too, but it can do very well with portraits.

ZD 11-22. Hard to find, but in the $300 range, maybe less, when one does come up for sale. It's a wicked sharp wide angle lens that produces lovely shots. Yes, I'm looking for one.

I picked up a ZD 35-100 constant F2 last fall for... $1200, in absolutely mint condition. That's less than half what you'd pay for a lens of similar AOV, aperture, and quality from C/N.

And a couple of slower SG ZD lenses that are very cost effective:

ZD 9-18, $300 or so when they do come up for sale. Getting down in the ultrawide range with this one, and you can do fun things with ultrawide.

ZD 70-300. An underrated lens, typically goes for $200 here. I got one to use on the OMD, it works well, AF's very quickly, and that's less than half what I would have paid for a Panasonic 100-300 that isn't as sharp.

Strong rumors suggest that two new bodies are coming from Olympus by next fall: a new E, plus an OMD-Pro that will autofocus the better ZD lenses quickly. When one or both of those come out, ZD lens prices will probably creep up from increased demand.

So I might suggest that instead of buying another system, try one decent lens for the 420, like the 12-60. Note that you can shoot wide open without worrying about softness, and F2.8 is very nice to have. Open it up in dim light and note how well defined the in focus area is. An APS DSLR with kit grade glass just isn't going to give you that sort of sharpness and exquisite definition.

If you've only used kit grade glass in the past, the 12-60 will be a real treat. Until you've used HG or SHG ZD lenses, you really haven't seen 4/3 at its best.

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