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Mark Ewanchuk Regular Member • Posts: 364
Yes, and...

I previously bought a new X100 from Canada warranty, but certified through them for 1 year.  I asked them to guarantee me a certain serial number series (21x or higher...) and they did, but then shipped a 14x.

Delivery was near instantaneous!

In any case, when the incorrect serial arrived, I emailed them immediately.  They asked me to return the item (at my expense...) and were then going to ship me out "the correct one".  I offered to keep the other in exchange for a 2-yr warranty, which they said they could not do.  After some back-and-forth with the manager online, they eventually agreed to refund my purchase.  Ultimately, they even refunded my shipping costs, as I did successfully argue that the error (and guarantee) was theirs.

In the end, I actually WOULD buy from them again, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into:  Any warranty or service issues MUST be returned to them in Hong Kong.  They will take care of everything, but you are responsible for shipping it there.  They do seem like a reputable company, with some excellent deals to boot.

Good luck!


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