5DIII + 24-105mm messenger style bag

Started Mar 21, 2013 | Questions thread
kyjy Contributing Member • Posts: 960
Re: 5DIII + 24-105mm messenger style bag

Looking at those pictures, it will be too small if you want to leave the camera attached to the 70-200mm.  With the other two it looks tight but possible.

I was in a similar situation, with similar kit (7D, 24-105, 70-200mm f/2.8) and opted for the Think Tank Retrospective 20, as I was going to do a lot of live music and expected to have the 70-200 attached most of the time.  It was the only bag that was deep enough to fit that combination.

Ther Retrospective 10 is identical but about 5cm shallower.  I would recommend you try to get a hold of both the Low Pro and the Think Tanks and see how much you can actually fit.  The Think Tank ones have a lot of pockets on all sides and it gobbles up a lot of gear.

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