Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

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Re: Refillable cartridges for the Epson 4900

Watty wrote:


Has anyone tried the refillable cartridges from Marrutt for the 4900? They can be replaced as the originals run out and used alongside the originals without any noticeable change in the colour output. a chipsetter is used at each refill. I must say that I'm tempted. For more info -

I've sent for a free example print.


I have recently changed my 4800 over to Marrutt refillable carts and inks. I have unresolved problems.

First off I ordered my carts and ink in two batches. In one batch they erroneously sent Lyson inks which had to be replaced and the wrong ones collected. They also failed to send the little air filters that go on the carts, so I had to get them to correct that.

Up till starting to make the changeover the machine was fitted with all Epson ink except for the Magenta which was a Lyson non-refillable cart that came with the printer S/H. The machine was working well with minimal clogs and I was happy.

The first cart to change over was the yellow. Immediately the chip fell off the cart which was then not recognised. I managed to put the chip back on sufficiently well to get the cart recognised, complained to Marrutt who sent me a new yellow cart gratis.

After this change I started getting a lot more clogs across all the colours and, as I changed over more and more carts, it got worse with whole colours (as opposed to single nozzles) often mysteriously blocking up and clearing between cleanings, as many as 10 one after another (every test print wildly different), before getting all clear. I can't get the printer to go more than 2 days without having to do extensive cleaning and so far I reckon I have got through maybe 150ml+ or ink while making maybe 5 A4 prints!

There are two Epson carts remaining in the machine and those channels rarely get a clog. I have cleaned the flushing box, capping station, as much as I can get to of the wiper and sat the printer head over paper towels with Windex to no avail.

I don't know where to go now. Abandon the Marrutt inks and go back to all Epson OEM carts? That's a lot of money. Ditch the printer even though it is young in usage terms? Try someone else's carts and ink at great expense with the possible complication of needing to flush the system first (lord knows how)?

I'm really depressed about this. I was really pleased with my purchase when I got this printer but now I feel the whole thing is sabotaged and I don't know whether to blame Marrutt products or not. I may have to take it up the dump and depend on my 3800 despite it's expensive inks. Such a shame because it is a wonderful lump of technology and it *was* working just fine.

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