iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

Cyril Catt wrote:

The Apple iPod classic, with an internal HDD, would be an excellent backup device, but appears to lack appropriate software for that role.

Not really. The reviews said a big problem with the iPod Classic/Camera Connection Kit combo was that it was very very slow. The transfer also increased battery drain, and you can't charge an iPod while the accessory port is in use, and you're also draining the camera battery to a lower level because the transfer is so slow. Put those two together and it turned out to be impractical in the real world.

Cyril Catt wrote:

So it seems my most suitable solution is an Android tablet with a socket for a removable microSD card (to provide extra internal storage), and a USB/SD card connection kit.

Yes. As much of an Apple guy as I am, I think the iPad/iPod is near the bottom of the barrel for travel solutions because a device like the Hyperdrive, subnotebook, or Android tablet present fewer obstacles overall. (Again, in part because Apple has intentionally put hard roadblocks into photographers' iOS-to-desktop workflows.)

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