Question for those with X100 & X100s - important?

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Re: Take both and report back when you can

Hey Rolf - thanks for taking the time to post a question.   Yes, I am wondering that myself and I am about to find out.   As soon as I do a test, I will post the results on here.

My X100s has arrived at the camera shop in Perth.  However, I live over 600km away, in the desert.  I don't get there that often, but next week is Easter,, so will be going there for a few days.  I am so excited to get my hands on my new X100 - I think it will be a marvelous camera.

The X100 liberated me from having to carry two large body DSLR's around Asia for 6 months of the year.  I think I have a perfect combination now.  My trusty D700 with 80-200, for most of the portraits, street shots etc.  I then use the X100 for intimidate shots (up close to people, markets etc).   It is absolutely perfect that - quiet, not intimidating, the best fill in flash on the planet. That's it - that's all I need.  It suffices as my 'wide angle lens', so I don't have to be taking off my big lens and changing lenses in the street with all the dust in Asia.   I go with two cameras, two lenses and they never come off.

I trialled the Fuji X-Pro1 this year in Vietnam - but it failed badly.   I left the Nikon behind and wanted to use that instead, with the 18-55 and 60mm.  Great camera really, great photos, really sharp lenses - but just too slow in so many ways for the fast moving action in Asia.  I have decided that even when Fuji bring out the Pro2, I would not buy it.   I think it will be pretty perfect for most people, once all the little issues are ironed out, like with the X100.  However, with that type of sensor, no matter what lens you have on it - you just can't get enough shallow depth of field to isolate your subject from the background.  You will noticed a lot of the powerful pic's on my website - people are always isolated from the distracting surroundings, they stand out and that is what makes a powerful image.   I  can only do that with my 80-200 FX DSLR.

I am expecting great things from the new X100.   I think it will be the last Fuji I will have to buy.  As soon as I get it next week I will do a comparison with my existing X100, and put up a thread.



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