Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Unnecessary inconsistencies

Najinsky wrote:

My first version is simplified and used for intros, my version of this is used for recap, and it worked well.

The problem is that on your first triangle the three parameters are at the corners, and in the second on the edges. Are you sure that moving things is not potentially confusing (imaging them trying to draw the triangle at home again only vaguely remembering it, remembering incompatible parts won't really be helpful to them).

And on your first version, noise and motion blur were in two opposing corners which correctly implies that reality is a trade-off between the two. But then depth of field and motion blur are not trade-offs, insufficient depth of field and motion blur are the trade-offs, ie, the left corner is labelled incorrectly.

These are completely unnecessary inconsistencies. One can be precise, correct and consistent and still present things in a very simple manner.

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