Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

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Re: Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

Al Valentino wrote:

snowboardpunk wrote:

hmmm Yea I do want to go wider but then I want that 1.4 gahhh and I cant wait for the 23 since I just sold my t2i. Maybe Ill buy both to try out. hopefully I dont fall in love with both

I thought about the x100 or x100s but cant justify paying that much with out having an ICL.

I was pretty sure id move on to full frame for my next body or just upgrade my lens... who would of known id spend 1400 on a fuji.

Also with the x-e1 does anyone have huge problems with the laggy EVF, and I was looking at pictures, but the pictures on the screen dont look as nice as they did on my t2i, is that normal?

Maybe it is best to simply the zoom and pick up the 23mm prime later in the year. This will give you everything you need but the 23mm prime will not be very small, the 27mm f/2.8 prime will be and hsould be out earlier.

You established you want fast so the other question is the range you shoot, and are you good with a single FL. Another option might be to get a discounted X100 and when the fuji primes are all out pick up a X-body and a set of lenses that meets your needs and sell the X100. The dropped price for an X100 makes this a good temporary investment.

Hmmm this is seems like a good option too. pick up the x100, seems like I may be able to get a used for 500ish and then pick up the xe1 or hopefully xe2 with a 23 mm. I am fine with primes but would want two primes, semi wide like the 23 and a longer prime like a 56 or 85 and such.  or one prime and a longer zoom.

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