RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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the main difference is that the RX100 is as it is, with its (great) lens, compact, capable. But besides some smaller accessories like a grip, a filter a neck strap there's liitle to add or change. This can be good or bad as it depends a lot of your needs and what you want to do.

A NEX or a DSLR/DSLT OTOH are system cameras whose main proposal is a "open" concept for adding what you need for your need or for specific photographic purposes (like a long tele for shooting wildlife / birds for example). Not only for this reason, those cams are bigger. They have bigger sensors which allows for better subject isolation (DOF) and at least in theory for better low light / high ISO performance.

So this could be the point for decison which route is more apropriated. IF opting for a NEX equipped with a kit lens only you could be better off with the RX100 whose terrifc lens for certain will reveal (and top) most of kit lenses which are mostly built to allow lower prices. Then again of course the NEX IS a system camera and would allow for buying later other lenses. It's just the question which suits you best for getting started. Because, as a previous poster already mentioned, the best camera is always the one which you take where photo opportunities arrise - the smaller, the more compact, the better normally.

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